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Galapagos Islands Photos

Diving with the wild life!

The vacation of a lifetime!

                                                                     The vacation beyond your imagination!  
Getting friendly with a Galapagos Shark                                  Whale Shark Darwin Island
   Getting friendly with a Galapagos Shark                                      Elusive Whale Shark found  Darwin Island
Hammerhead looking for dinner                                  Camera Shy sealion at Punto Espejo
Hammerhead looking for dinner at Wolf Island                                       Camera shy sealion at Punto Espejo

EIB land visit                                  EIB diving dry Darwin's Arch
Sitting on my duff, after hiking the Genovesa Crater                         Seeking the elusive Whale Shark

Sea Turtle seeking shelter from divers                                  Bull sea lion at Punto Espejo
     Sea Turtle seeking shelter from divers                                           Close encounters with Sea Lion Bull

Spotted Golden moray                                  Sea Horse at Puerto Egas
     Spotted Golden moray looking at lunch                                          Sea horse riding the currents at Puerto Egas

Darwin's Arch                                  Galapagos Shark sees all tells all
      The world renowned Darwin's Arch                                                   Galapagos shark sees all tells all

Circling silky shark on safe stop                                  glading slotted eagle ray
Curious Silky shark circling divers on a saftey stop                               Fleeing spotted eagle ray at Wolf Island

Looking for love in the wrong places                                  Hammerhead shark over head

    Looking for love in all the wrong places                                                 Hunger and the Hammerhead